Hi, I'm Helene and I'm the indie dyer behind all the yarn you can find on this website. I have my roots in Sweden but now live in Auckland, New Zealand.

There's so much exciting happening in the wool world here in the Southern hemisphere and some of the yarn bases I use are produced in small mills in New Zealand – merino and alpaca are the main fibres. They are woolly, pure and non superwash treated. 

Yarn blends that are not produced here downunder, I source from other parts of the world. They are more exotic ones like yak, silk and mohair. Luxury and lovely in there own kind of way.

I have also added some other things that I like and use myself – ChiaoGoo needles, because they are just the best; leather Wrist Rulers; funky accessories from JUL Designs; Merchant & Mills scissors, needles and buttons and my own stitch markers.